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Shooting Targets

Koh Samui Shooting Range

Experience the Koh Samui Shooting Range with 
Tour Explore!

Our Koh Samui shooting range has various types of guns from hand guns such 22mm, 38 revolever, 375 Magnum 9mm special semi auto, shotgun, semi auto sniper and many more. Our staff are fully trained and full insurance and training is provided. The shooting range is fully licensed and participants don’t need any special licence or skills in order to enjoy this activity. Prices start at 1000 thb for10 bullets and we can offer group discounts. This tour can be combined with our other tours. Pick up and drop off can be arranged upon request. Join our Koh samui shooting range for a fun day out.

Total Duration

30 mins - 2 hours

You can choose the duration depending on how many bullets and guns you would like to shoot.



Supervision during your shoot

Safety equipment: Glasses and Shooting Earmuffs

What's Included

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